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The Greater Himalaya stretches from Ladakh southward to Spiti and on to Nanda Devi and Mount Everest in the east. The Western Himalayan which comprises Lahoul, Spiti and Zanskar has an area of 7734 square kilometers, with the altitude varying from 5000 metres to over 8500 metres. The Pir Panjal and the Outer Himalaya also join the Greater Himalaya range at Kullu near Deo Tibba (6001 metres) in Himachal Pradesh. Lahoul lies between these two Himalayan ranges. The Zanskar range, which lies to the northeast of Lahoul, separates the basin of Tibet from Himachal Pradesh. The western Himalaya, which includes Kullu, Manali and Lahoul, is the gateway to adventure in Himachal.

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Holidays in india

Holidays are the only means which rejuvenate and refresh your life. India is the only country of the world in which you find the variety of holidays. Experience the cultural and heritage holidays, art and crafts holidays, adventure holidays, ayurveda holiday tour and much more. Now, it time to choose and experience the great fun and frolic.

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India Holidays Packages

Holidays in india means the most refreshing and rejuvenated days of your lifetime. There are a variety of holidays can be find only in India beacuse there is a great diversity in its region, religion, culture, typographical temperatures, art and crafts, architecture and much more.

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India Tour Package

India is the land of colours, cast and creed. There is a great diversity in regions or in religions, in languages or in literature. In short India is amazing in its way. Every State of has its own culture and heritage, own architecture style, own rituals and languages. So, There is a lots of things to explore. You can unwind India through India Pacakge Tour.

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Destinations In India

India is a land of great diversity. There are many types of climates and regions. Almost every state is differ from other. So There are great variety of Tourist Destinations in India. The kashmir, Kullu Manali, shimla and Leh ladakh are the coldest destinations, whereas the Rajasthan is the hottest Desert, Goa, kerala is famous for its beaches and backwaters. Thus you can explore all the colours of natures under one roof i.e. India only.

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Kashmir Tour

Kashmir the best destination to spend your holidays. The valley situated in the laps of Himalaya. The snow clad sky touching summits, snow covered grounds and trees, fascinating fresh greenary and cool calm atmosphere rejuvenate the visitors. Go for Kashmir Holiday Package and forget everything.

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Kerala Tour

situated at a height of 700 to 2,100 meters above sea level has unique geographical position. It is surrounded by Nilgiries and bounded by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In ancient times -it was ruled by the Rajas of the Veda tribe and later came under the control of the Pazhassi Rajas of Kottayam's royal dynasty.

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Ladakh Tour

Ladakh, in Tibetan 'La-tags', is the large eastern district of the State of Jammu and Kashmir (India), with Leh as its capital, embracing the valley of the upper Indus. with a mean elevation of 4,000 meters, it is termed 'Mar-yul' or 'Lowland' and 'Khachanpa' or 'Snowland'. Popularly known as 'India's Tibet'. With an area of 96,000 square kilometers (including Kargil district), Ladakh occupies forty five percent of the total area of Jammu and Kashmir. Until 1834 A.D Ladakh's northern boundary is formed by the Karakoram Range, one of the biggest mountain massifs in the world. To the south of the Karakoram Streches the Ladakh range which, with its two major passes- the Chang-la and the Khardong-la (both over 5,000 meters) forms the northern boundary of the Indus valley, which constitutes Ladakh's heartland. South of the Ladakh range and cut off from its main chain by the Ladakh the Indus, lies the Zanskar range. These three mountain chains embrace the two rivers valley, those of the Indus and the Shayok.

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Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan or Rajputana of the old days,the land of chivalrous brave and people with a warlike lifestyle around whom grew the most amazing legends of romance, heroism andsacrifice; the land endowed with invincible forts, magnificent palaces and havelis, the cities of Rajasthan still retain the medieval touch keeping alive the timeless traditions in their rich art and crafts.

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National Parks in India

India has a rich variety of fauna and flora. There are nearabout 470 national parks, sanctuaries, and tiger reserve that has different variety of animals, birds and reptiles species. There are jungle resort in the park's premises for the comfortable stay and to get real wildlife experience.

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Spectacular views apart, the Himalayan foothills are just ideal for trekking, offering energetic out-door people a different and exciting option for a holiday. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh are the most popular destinations for trekkers, though Chamba and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, and Ladakh and Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir, have interesting trekking routes as well. Darjeeling and Sikkim in the east also have some trekking routes, but foreigners need to get permits for the latter area, and must follow some restrictions.

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Wildlife in India

India has a rich variety of Wildlife. There are a lots of national parks that has different variety of animals, birds and reptiles species and jungle resorts within the premises to get real fun and frolic of wildlife experience.

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Wildlife Resorts in India

India has many national parks and within their premises there are at least one wildlife resort for the adventurous lovers. These wildlife resorts offers a luxurious and comfortable accommodations. You can get the real wildlife fun in an open tent of the resort.

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Discovery India

India is a land of diversity. There is a great diversity in its climates, typographical features, regions, religions, culture and languages. The northern part of India is a chilled mountainous part while souther part of India has a pleasant evergreen climate with exotic beaches and oceans, the great thar desert occupies the western part of India and eastern part of India has unforgettable and stunning nature landscapes that you never forget in your whole life while you visit once. In short you can get every kind of holidays i.e adventurous holidays, beach holidays, backwater holidays, wildlife adventurous, cultural and heritage, ayurvedic and rejuvenated vacation only in India.

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Wildlife Safari in India

The kind of wildlife one comes across varies according to the differences of climate and geographical factors of each region. At one time dense forests around Mathura and Vrindavan in the north near Delhi made an almost impenetrable barrier between north and south India. Many of these forests have since denuded, and there wild life has also been severely depleted.

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Safari in India

Indian Tourism offers the tourist different kind of safaris such as wildlife safari, adventure safari, horse safari, elephant safari, camel safari, tiger safari, jeep safari, desert safari that provide real fun and frolic and make your holidays a lifetime experience.

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