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Yoga - The Way To Joy, Happiness And Bliss

The Sanskrit word yoga literally means 'to add' or 'union'. So Yoga is the vehicle through which the Yogi (one who practices yoga) is united with the divine spiritual dimension.

If mankind is to save itself from its own aggressive tendencies, the path open is through the science of Yoga. Bodily exercises (asanas) breathe control (pranayam) and mind control (dhyana) are all helpful to conquer physical and mental ills. The role of the mind in the creation of health and ill health has been well emphasised by Ayurveda physicians. .

Yoga is believed to be of pre-Aryan origin. There are even archaeological evidences to show that Yogic disciplines flourished around the Indus Valley Civilisation which existed some 5000 years ago. One of the six systems of orthodox Indian philosophy said to have been founded by rishi Yajnavalka, later systemised by Patanjali in his Yogasutra. It stored to teach disciplined meditation, certain rules of bodily and mental self discipline by which the soul (Jivatman) could attain supreme knowledge for mystic union with God (Paramatman).
Its chief forms are:
Hatha Yoga - is through subjugation of body and channelizing the flow of energy (Prana) in the right direction towards self-knowledge.

§ Raja Yoga - is the restraint of fluctuations in the consciousness (chitta)

§ Karma Yoga - is bringing salvation through work

§ Bhakti Yoga - through faith and devotion

§ Gayana Yoga - through knowledge

§ Mantra Yoga - through the use of mantras

§ The Laya Yoga - salvation through soundless sound by activizing the Spiritual centres {Chakras) in the body.
Yoga removes physical and mental tensions as these tensions are result of difference and dualities. The purpose of yoga is to enable us to rise above all senses of duality in whatever field we are.

International Yoga week is celebrated at Rishikesh every year. Contact the government of India tourist office for details.

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