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Sat Tal Forest Resort
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Jim Corbett National Park India

The Resort is located on the edge of Corbett Tiger Reserve, ideally situated to combine a safari with a fishing trip to Riverine Woods. There are a number of options for visiting the reserve and these are outlined below. The links at the bottom of the page will take you to websites on Project Tiger and Corbett.

1. Day Zone - Passes are issued for a day, game is viewed from the jeep only, and all within a specified visitor area.

2. Overnight Stays - A large variety of accommodations exist within the park, with differing costs and levels of comfort. These can be divided into:

Dhikala - A central complex in the heart of the reserve, with bungalows and dormitory accommodation, with readily available food and a small commissary. Elephant rides into the surrounding habitat start from here.

Forest Guest Houses - Situated throughout the park are a number of these guest houses, which have mediocre, but acceptable, facilities. Their charm comes from the isolation and their position, usually sited in areas that allow the wildlife to be seen at close range. A trip to these guest houses would require your own team.

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