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National Parks in Andhra Pradesh

National Parks in Andhra Pradesh

ANDHRA PRADESH: The largest of the four South Indian states, Andhra Pradesh, has a varied terrain with a rich and interesting population of birds and animals. a with national park status. While most of the sanctuaries have accommodation, the tourist infrastructure is limited and visitors have to make their own arrangements in most cases. For up-to-date information, contact: The Chief Wildlife Warden, Saifabad, Hyderabad, AP 500004.

Andhra has a long coastline with two great rivers (the Godavari and the Krishna) flowing west to east into the Bay of Bengal. There are mangrove forests along the estuaries, dry deciduous forests inland, and extensive open scrub stretching into the Deccan plateau. The Pulicat Lake is one of South Asia’s largest lagoons and an important center for both resident and migratory waterbirds.

Coringa Sanctuary

Established in 1978, this area of 90 sq miles (235 sq km) in the delta region of the Godavari river is home to otters, fishing cats, the estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) and many water birds.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar. (summer temperatures up to 96°F!36°C)

Accommodation: resthouse

Per mission:DCF (WL Management), Rajahmundry.

Nearest town: Kakinada (12.5 miles!20 km) with railhead. Accommodation and transport are available in the town.

Eturnagaram Sanctuary

Established in 1953, this large sanctuary covering 313.5 sq miles (812 sq kin) of dry deciduous mixed forest near the borders of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra is the habitat of many mammals (tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chousingha, chinkara, mouse deer, blackbuck and leopard cat) and interesting birdlife. The forest department has both vehicles and rnachans for game viewing.

Best time to visit: Mar.-May (up to 114°F! 46°C); Nov.-Mar. are cooler months.

Accommodation: 8 guest cottages (22 beds); forest resthouses at Salvai, Tadavai and Eturnagaram town

Permission: DFO Warangal. AP 506010

Nearest town: Etumagaram (10 miles)

Rail: Warangal (56 miles!90 km)

Airport: Hyderabad (140 miles!225 km)

Kawal Sanctuary

Established in 1965, this sanctuary covering 345 sq miles (893 sq km) of dry deciduous hill forest with dry teak stands over uneven terrain contains tiger, leopard, sloth bear, gaur and chousingha among others.

Best time to visit: Feb.-May (up to 112°F) Accommodation: 2 resthouses Permission: DFO (WL), Jannaram, Adilabad Dist. AP 504205

Nearest town: Jannaram (o.5 mile!1 km) Rail: Mancherial (30 miles!60 km), Hyderabad (175 miles!280 km)

Kinnersani Sanctuary

Established in 1977 with a core area of 86 sq miles (222 sq kin) and a buffer zone 160 sq miles (413 sq km), this undulating sanctuary of mixed forest surrounding the Kinnersani Reservoir has a good range of mammal and bird species, including tiger, dhole, leopard, guar, wild buffalo and sloth bear.

Best time to visit: Nov.-June (summer maximum 120°F/49°C drops to 50°F/10°C in January)

Accommodation: 7 small resthouses

Permission: Wildlife Warden, Paloncha . Khamman Distt., AP

Nearest town: Paloncha (7.5 -miles/24 km)

Rail: Bhadrachalam Road (15 miles/24 km)

Air: Vijayawada (106 miles/170 km)

Kolleru Sanctuary

Established in 1963, this large bird sanctuary of almost 347 sq miles (900 sq km) wetland and marsh surrounds the Kolleru Lake, between the Krishna and Godavari deltas. Water, after the northeast monsoon, extends over 232 sq miles (600 sq km). Many migratory ducks and resident water birds and the famous pelicanry at the village of Aredu use the lake for feeding.

Best time to visit: late Oct.-Feb.

 Accommodation: 5 huts; PWD resthouse at Eluru

Permission: DCF (WL), Rajahmundry, AP

Nearest town & Rail: Eluru (12.5 miles)

Air: Vijayawada (40 miles/63 km)

Manjira Sanctuary

Established in 1978, this small pocket of riverain forest on the banks of the river Manjira is only 12.5 sq miles (20 sq km) in extent. Many water birds and mugger crocodiles; also two species of freshwater turtles.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Feb.(cool), and Mar.-J une

Accommodation: small resthouse

Permission: DFO (WL), Medak, AP.

Nearest town: Sanizareddy (2.5 miles/5 km)

Rail: Ramachandrapuram (15.5 miles)

Air: Hyderabad (34 miles/55 km)

Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Sanctuary (Tiger Reserve)

Established in 1978, this sanctuary of 1374 sq miles (3560 sq km) is the largest of India’s tiger reserves, with a core area of 463 sq miles (1200 sq km). A dam across the Krishna river forms the Nagarjunasagar reservoir. The area is dissected by deep winding gorges which cut through the Mallamalai hills. A range of forest types, from dry scrub and dry mixed deciduous forests on the plateau to the west and south to moist valleys with bamboo and tropical thorn forest to the east. Since the sanctuary came under Project Tiger in 1983 a program to relocate the villages inside the core area is now under way. With the reduction of human interference and the stopping of grazing this sanctuary could soon become a major park. The range of animals includes leopard, sloth bear, palm civet, wolf, striped hyena, in addition to tiger. Also found are barking deer, nilgai, chinkara, chousingha, sambar, chital, langur, bonnet macaque and the Indian pangolin.

Best time to visit: Oct.-June (summer maximum 108°F/43°C).

Accommodation: 3 guesthouses next to temples within the sanctuary.

Permission: Field Director, Project Tiger, Srisailam Dam East, AP 512102

Nearest town & Rail: Machesla (8 miles)

Air: Hyderabad (94 miles/150 km)

Neelapattu Sanctuary

Established in 1976, this small waterbird sanctuary at the coastal village of Neelapattu covers only 1.5 sq miles (4.5 sq km). The focal point is the village tank which, during the winter, becomes a large and mixed heronry.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar.

Accommodation: PWD resthouse at Sulurpetta

Permission: ACF (WLM), Sulurpetta, Nellore Dist, AP

Nearest town: Sulurpetta (10 miles/16 km) Rail: Dorawai Satram (1 km) Air: Madras (75miles/120 km)

Pakhal Sanctuary. Established in 1952, this sanctuary of 344 sq miles (892 sq km) of forest includes a large lake. Interesting birdlife and an extensive range of mammals.

Best time to visit: Nov.-June

Accommodation: 2 guesthouses Permission: DFO (WLM), Warangal, AP 506010

Nearest town: Narsampet (6.25 milers)

Rail: Warangal (28 miles/45 km)

Air: Hyderabad (112 miles/180 km)

Papikonda Sanctuary

Established in 1978, 228 sq miles (590 sq km) of mixed forest on the banks of the Godavari as it cuts through the Eastern Ghats, with a core area of 85 sq miles (221 sq km). Many steep slopes of the Papikonda range give the sanctuary its name. Animals include tiger, leopard, chousingha and wolf and waterbirds.

Best time to visit: Nov.-June Accommodation: 2 resthouses

Permission: DCF (WLM), Rajahmundry, AP

Nearest town & Rail & Air: Rajahmundry (50 miles/80 km)

Pocharam Sanctuary

Established in 1952 on the banks of the Pocharam Lake on 50 sq miles (129 sq km) of scrub and mixed forest. Contains leopard, sloth bear, wolf, wild boar and chousingha with flamingoes and other water birds at the lake.

Best time to visit: late Oct.-May

Accommodation: 2 bungalows

Permission: DFO (WLM), Medak, AP

Nearest town: Medak (5.6 miles/9 km)

Rail: Akkannapet (9.4 miles/15 km)

Air: Hyderabad (miles/16 15 km)Pranahita Sanctuary. Established in 1980 along the river Pranahita on 52 sq miles (136 sq km) of mixed teak forest holding a few gaur, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chousingha and others and a few water birds.

Best time to visit: Nov.-May

Accommodation: 2 resthouses

Permission: DCF (WLM), Rajahmundry. AP

Nearest town & Rail & Air: Rajahmundry (50 miles/80 km)

Pulicat Sanctuary

Established in 1976, the southeastern mouth of this large lagoon is in Tamil Nadu. Of the 224 sq miles (580 sq km), about 193 sq miles (500 sq km) are in Andhra. Flocks of flamingo, many migrant shore birds, and local residents are seen. Boats are available in the early morning.

Best time to visit: Oct.-Mar.

Accommodation: small guesthouse ACF (WLM), Sulurpetta, Nellore Dist, AP

Nearest town & Rail: Sulurpetta (5 miles)

Air: Madras (63 miles/l00 km)

Siwaram Sanctuary

Established in 1978, this small sanctuary of undulating forest on the Godavari river near the Madhya Pradesh border holds a wide range of mammals and birdlife.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar.

Accommodation: 3 resthouses

Permission: DFO (WLM),Jannaram, Adilabad Dist, AP 504205

Nearest town: Manthani (3 miles/5 km)

Rail: Peddalpalli (19 miles/30 km)

Air: Hyderabad (187 miles/300 km)

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