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Tungabhadra River India

Location: Raichur district, Karnataka
Area: No information
Altitude: 300 m

Description of site: Slow-moving river with rocky outcrops. River banks support a variety of grasses and shrubs. The rocky outcrops are surrounded by clear, slow-moving water from November to June. A few islands are also apparent

Climatic conditions: Tropical monsoon climate, with an average annual rainfall of 700 mm

Principal vegetation: Riparian forest with Terminalia arjuna, Ficus religiose, Ficus bengalensis, Acacia nilotica, and Prosopis juliflora being the main species. The banks are covered with grasses such as Typha, Scirpus and Crinum asiaticum. Polygonum species are abundant

Fauna: A significant area for migratory and resident waterfowl. A census conducted in 1990 recorded the following: Tadorna ferruginea (342), Anas strepera (110), Anas poecilorhyncha (236), Tachybaptus ruficollis (560), Anser indicus (173), Pseudibis papillose (117), Ciconia episcopus scopus (39), Ardeola grayii (654), Egretta albs (72), Egretta garzetta, (542), Ardea cinerea (9), Phalacrocorax niger (46), Vanellus indicus (32), Charadrius dubius (833), Chlidonias hybrids (26), Himantopus himantopus (278), Calidris minutes (784), Gallinago gallinago (132), Tringa totanus (432), Burhinus oedienemus (138), Glareola lactea (172), and Ardea cinerea (11)

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