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OMEZAKI: Fill your sails
Honshu, Japan
Ferocious winds and man-eating waves make Omaezaki — situated on the south coast of Japan’s main island of Honshu — one of the most exciting and radical boardsailing beaches in the world. Though the coarse, dark brown sand doesn’t score high in the aesthetics department, the blis­tering breezes ensure that this beach is a serious boardsailor’s paradise.

Arm-stretching winds of 25-60 knots blast the coast throughout the winter and combine with strong ocean swells to produce world class and genuinely intimi­dating boardsailing conditions. Kami­kaze sailors ride tiny waveboards and hang on to pocket handkerchief sails in these fierce seas. Until recently, a major annual boardsailing event was held here a spectacle that attracted crowds of over 100,000 and displayed trappings that wouldn’t have been out of place at a rock festival. Aside from that, the local social life is low-key Japanese fun.

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