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The Philippines
For both divers and beach potatoes, Balicasag Island is an idyllic refuge — as blissfully isolated from the pressures of modern life as it is from the effects of destructive fishing techniques that have de¬stroyed too many other reefs In the Philip¬pines. The island is completely ringed by a beach of fine white coral sand, and has a relaxed, lost-in-time atmosphere to it. Folk here can enjoy just collecting shells or taking lazy, romantic walks.

Accordingly, from just a few yards off shore, where sheer coral walls drop off into the deep blue sea, divers can feel like they’re diving in decades past when every dive in the Philippines promised to surround you with an oceanful of large fish and a mind-blowing array of psychedelic-coloured corals. A truly great diving beach as well as simply a great beach. As some¬one said, life’s a beach and then you dive...

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