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The Taj Mahal - the glorious marble beauty and one of the seven wonder of the world. This white milky marble tomb built by the emperor Shah Jahan in 1631 - 48 in Agra, near the bank of Yamuna river in the memory of his beloved wife Arjuman Banu Begam nick name Mumtaz Mahal after his death. The monument is the fine example of Islamic architecture. The glorious Taj has thick walls, arches and heavy lintels, motifs are the excellent sample of Indo-Islamic styles.
The symbol of love - Taj Mahal stands in the middle of walled garden entered through a pavilion. The tomb raised on a terrace. The four minarets are symmetrical to each other, the huge domb set between the four minarets. The interior of the monument is beautifully decorated with carved marble.
Discover this magnificent and gorgeous momument with our Taj Mahal - India Tour package. This Tour is meant for you that suits your reqirement and budgets. This is a comfortable tour that explore the Taj in much better way than any other tour. You can explore the beauty of the Taj very minutely because you have sufficient time to explore it. Discover the beauty of the Taj under the moonlight, in the sunshine, with the sunrays when falls on the white marble structure it looked like a young bride that is drenched with blossom smell. Come and discover the Taj with us.

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