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India’s incredibly varied geography means there are huge shifts in climate between the different regions of the country — from cold temperate in the higer alti­tudes of the northwest, to hot tropical in the south — with seasonal variations. While some adventure travel options re­main available throughout the year, in most cases seasonal weather differences will determine where and when you go.

The post-monsoon season (Septem­ber-November) is ideal for trekking, and the pre-monsoon time (May-June) is also popular in higher altitudes (in lower areas it can be quite hot at this time of year). From December to February temperatures drop radically in the mountains, and snowfalls can be heavy.

From April-June temperatures are high throughout most of India — in desert ar­eas they may be as much as 50 degrees C. The monsoon season (July-September) brings some relief from the heat, but the amount of rainfall during the season var­ies throughout India — some parts of the west coast receive as much as 2500mm of rain causing rivers to swell and flood, making road travel hazardous. The east coast is regularly hit by typhoons during the monsoon.l: rock climbers are discovering the hills of Rajasthan in the east and Karnataka in the south; paragliders are tak\-ing off at ö

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