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Recreation And Shopping

Recreation And Shopping

Pune is famous for its horses; racing as well as breeding. There are several stud farms around Pune and the owners are a dedicated lot. Most of them have inherited fortunes or run parallel businesses and have hired professionals to run the stud farms, leaving them free to indulge in the sport. Races are held at The Royal Western India Turf Club. Serious racers come to Pune for the major events; Pune has its own keen followers of the sport.One of Pune’s major shopping arcades is the M.G. Road which has shops selling most things, from Shrewsbury biscuits (a Pune speciality!) to walking sticks and solar topis (often found in old colonial towns), to basic necessities. Other spots to shop are the Deccan Gymkhana and Laxmi Road areas. However, the smaller markets in the city area are perhaps more interesting to browse in, with shops selling old brassware and local handloom saris of a silk-cotton weave. Pune jewellers are an enterprising lot and can quickly copy almost any design. Two shops selling gift items of traditional craft items are the Attic on Dhole Patil Road and the Orchid on Ferguson College Road.
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