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Wildlife in Mizoram

Wildlife in Mizoram

MIZORAM: In this mountainous state bounded by Bangladesh on the west and Burma to the south and east, there is at present only one wildlife protected area. Much of the state is forested and new sanctuaries need to be developed. Permission for tourists to enter the territory is yet again hard to obtain, but following the 1986 political settlement it is hoped that some restrictions will be lifted.

Dampa Sanctuary. Established in 1976 at the northwestern tip of the Mizo Hills. About 20 percent of the sanctuary is covered with bamboo while the rest is mostly semievergreen forest. The area is drained by the Dhaleswari river and its tributaries. Swamp deer are reported in the lower areas. Tiger, leopard, elephant and Hoolock gibbon are among the mammal species seen. Best time to visit: Nov. — Mar. Accommodation: 2 resthouses Permission: FRO, Teiri Range Office, PO Theiri, Via Phaileng, Aizawl, Dist: Mizoram Nearest town: Phaileng (6.5 miles!10 km) Rail: Silchar (180 miles!290 km) Air: Aizawl (56 miles!90 km)

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