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Wildlife Tours in Bihar

Wildlife Tours in Bihar

BIHAR: Lying at the eastern end of the Gangetic plain, Bihar is a state of extremes. Subject to drought and flood, of great natural wealth but having some of India’s poorest villagers, the state has some important and interesting sanctuaries. As in many other parts of India, most of the mammal sanctuaries were once private forests which, with independence in 1947, were subject to overexploitation by shikaris (hunters), villagers and others. Most of the state has long, hot dry summers relieved by moderate rainfall from July to September.

Bhimbandh Sanctuary

262 sq miles (681 sq km) of mixed deciduous forest— mostly sal on undulating ground south of the Ganga. Potentially a good park if given more protection. Leopards, sloth bear, wolf, chousingha, chital etc.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar. (Apr.-June good but hot)

Accommodation: 3 resthouses

Permission: DEO, Munger Forest Division, PO Munger, Bihar.

Nearest town: Munger (31 miles/50 km)

Rail: Jamui (22 miles/40 km)

Air: Patna (132 m i les/212 km)

Dalma Sanctuary

Established in 1976 with 74 sq miles (193 sq km) of sal and mixed deciduous forests. Wolf, mouse deer, sloth bear, chital etc.

Best time to visit: Dec.-Mar. (Apr.-June hot)

Accommodation: 3 resthouses

Permission: DEO, Wildlife Div., Ranchi. Nearest town & Rail: Jamshedpur (7.2 miles/112 km)

Rail: Tatanagar (12 miles/20 km)


Gautam Buddha Sanctuary

Established in the early 1970s and enlarged to 100 sq miles (259 sq km) in 1976. Mainly sal and thorn scrub. Previously protected as a private shikar reserve but for 20 years subject to cattle grazing, illegal felling and other disturbances. White tigers have been seen in what was the neighboring forest although the last one to he shot was in 1936. A few tiger, chital, chinkara, sloth bear etc.

Best time to visit: Dec.-Apr.

Accommodation: 1 resthouse

Permission: DFO, Gaya Forest Division,Gaya, Bihar

Nearest town, Rail & Air: Gaya (40 miles)

Hazaribagh Sanctuary

Established in 1924 and covering 71 sq miles (184 sq km) of undulating sal forest. Rich birdlife but few mammals are seen during the day. In the evening and after dusk sambar, chital and wild boar are seen on night drives. Also the occasional leopard and a few tigers. The national highway to Hazaribagh passes through the area. It was previously the shikar reserve of the Raja of Ramgarh. Vehicles available for night drives.

Best time to visit: Oct.-Apr.

Accommodation: resthouses with food at Rajderwa and Harhad

Permission: DFO, Hazaribagh West Division, Hazaribagh, Bihar.

Nearest town: Hazaribagh_(12 miles/20 km )

Rail: Kodarma (31 miles/20 km)

Air: Ranchi (71 miles/112 km)


Kaiser Sanctuary

A large sanctuary of over 338 sq miles (1000 sq km) on the west bank of the Son river near the border with Uttar Pradesh. Extremely hot summers (118°F/48°C). Chinkara, chousingha, wolf, a few leopards.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar.

Accommodation: 3 resthouses

Permission: DEO , Shabad Division, PO Sasaram, Dist: Rohtar, Bihar.

Nearest town & Rail: Sasaram (31 miles) Air: Varanasi (70 miles/112 km)


Lawalong Sanctuary

Established in 1978 to the southwest of Hazaribagh with 81 sq miles (211 sq km) of mixed deciduous forest (largely sal). Leopard, wolf, chital, black panther (melanistic leopards) ,have been reported.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Mar.

Accommodation: I resthouse

Permission: DFO, Chatra South Division. PO Chatra, Dist: Hazaribagh, Bihar.

Nearest town: Hazaribagh (43 miles/70 km) Rail: Tori (32 miles/22 km)

Air: Ranchi (99 miles/160 km)

Mahuadaur Sanctuary

Established in 1976 to protect the gray wolf. 24 sq miles (63 sq km) of sal forest flanking a remote deep valley cut by the Burha river.

Best time to visit: Nov.-Feb.

Accommodation: 2 four-bed resthouses

Permission: DFO, WF Division, PO Hinoo, Dist: Ranchi, Bihar.

Nearest town: Mahuadaur (7.5 miles/25 km)

Rail: Chhipadwar (31 miles!50 km)

Air: Ranchi (84 miles/135 km)

Palamau (Betla) Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve

Established in 1960 but now extended to cover 377 se miles (979 se km) of which 77 se miles (200 se km) is the core area. The world’s first tiger census took place here in 1932 and in 1973 Palamou was one of the first reserves to be identified for inclusion under Project Tiger.

Lying on the northern edge of the Chota Nagpur plateau, the sanctuary has an undulating landscape of sal forest with pockets of bamboo cut by the Koel river and its tributaries. Two ruined forts stand near the Auranga river. A large range of mammal species and about 1400 species of bird have been identified. Elephant, gaur, chital, sambar, nilgai and, of course, tiger. Good viewing from the watchtower at Hathibajwa (Betla) and during the summer at Madhuchan. Transport is available.

Best time to visit: Oct.—May

Accommodation: tourist lodge and forest resthouses at Beta; resthouses at Kerh, Kechi, Mundu and Barwadih.

Permission: The Field Director, Project Tiger, Palamau Tiger Reserve, Daltenganj, Bihar 822101 (Tel: 350)

Nearest town & Rail: Daltenganj (15.5 miles!25 km)

Air: Ranchi (112 miles/180 km)


Udaipur Sanctuary

Established in 1978 and only 2.5 se miles (six se km) in area, this small wetland reserve has a resident waterfowl population and winter migrants.

Best time to visit: Nov.—Mar.

Accommodation: 1 resthouse

Permission: Deputy Director, ChamparanForest Division 2, PO Bettiah, Dist: Champaran, Bihar.

Nearest town & Rail: Bettiah (six miles)

Air: Patna (127 miles!205 km)


Valmiki Sanctuary

Established in 1970 and covering 178 se miles (461 se km) of mixed deciduous forest, riverine forest and grassland on the Indo-Nepal border. To the north is the Chitwan National park in Nepal, to the west the Gandak river and the border with Uttar Pradesh and to the east the Kapan river. Animals migrate from Chitwan, especially tiger, rhino, and gaur. Resident species include hog deer, chital, sambar, sloth bear and serow.

Best time to visit: Dec.—Apr.

Accommodation: tourist cottages at Koleshwar,Harnatar and Valmikinagar.

Permission: Deputy Director, Champaran Forest Division 2, PO Bettiah, Dist: Champaran, Bihar.

Nearest town: Bettiah (50 miles!80 km)

Rail: Valmikinagar (3 miles/5 km)

Air: Patna (140 miles!225 km)

Other sanctuaries in Bihar are at Nagi Dam (Munger Dist.), Rajgir (Nalanda Dist.),

and Topchanchi (Dhanbad Dist.)

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