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Sea kayaking- exploring the untouched

Sea kayaking is one of Phuket’s biggest adventure attractions, and as with rock climbing, this is berhaps the best place in the re­gion to get an introduction to this fast-growing sport. The best-known trips are through Phang Nga Bay, a striking area of over 40 limestone islands which shoot up vertically from the sea, and have cliffs as high as 300m. One of the most interesting features of these is the hongs (rooms) – large, roofless caverns within the island itself. The narrow caves into the hongs can only be entered at cer­tain times of the day due to the change in tides. But once inside, you feet like you’re in a deserted natural amphitheatre. It can be eerily quiet, but the resident wild­life in the thick forest above You includes monkeys, monitor liz­ards and other varied wildlife.

Since they started exploring Phang Nga Bay in 1989, SeaCanoe have established strong ecotourism principles for trips into the area. The use of canoes launched from ‘mother boats’, which stay well offshore from the islands, has ensured the wildlife on the islands remains undis turbed and unaffected by visitors. To ac­commodate the ever-growing numbers wishing to experience these ‘lost in time’ islands, there are now around a dozen or­ganizations operating day-trips in the area. Although day-trips are hugely popular, the aura of adventure and exploration is some­what diminished when you have to battle canoe traffic from other operators in and around the islands. Day trip includes transfers, great ‘Thai food, and guides who do the pad­dling for you, leaving your hands free to snap away with your camera.

Anyone looking for a more personalized adventure can choose from a wide variety of overnight trips, which can last from two days to two weeks. These longer trips offer more rewarding experience.

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