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Jungle trekking: following the call of the wild

Trekking is one activity that can be very cheap if you’re prepared to travel by car or public transport to the various national parks. But paying a bit more to go on organized trips with leading operators enables you to enjoy a variety activities Linder the supervision of trained guides, and get the most out of your time. The only national park on Phuket itself is Khan Phra Thaco, but north of the island are two much larger parks which can take days to explore.

You need a day at most to trek through Khan PhraThaeo. This 22sq km protected area of virgin rainforest is home to a wide variety of trees and vegetation, including the ‘white-backed palm’ (kerfiodoxa elegans), not found anywhere else in the world. There are also wild animals such as mouse deer, monkeys, squirrel, wild boar and many reptiles, though you’re more likely to hear rather than see a lot of animal activity. There are many interesting birds in the for­est, but you should be around at dusk or dawn to see them.

One way to explore the park is simple pick up a map, and start hiking. A far more convenient and informative way is to join a half-day trek, including transfers to and from accommodation. The usual trek takes from the shaded beauty of Ton Sai waterfall - a Popular place for relaxing - to Bang Pae waterfall, another nice place to enjoy a swim. Near Bang Pac is the Gib­bon Rehabilitation Project, a centre which re-introduces captive gibbons to the wild - in past years, gibbons were kept as pets or used as entertainment acts, practices which are now banned.

To get a bigger, more in-depth Picture of a rainforest ecosystem, make your xvan to Khao Sok National park, 2.51irs north from central Phuket. The park has been reported to have the greatest number of large, wild mammals cast of Africa. So far, more than 48 species of mammals have been seen and identified, along with 184 species of bird, and thousands of trees and plants, including the world’s largest flower. It’s definitely worth staying in this magnificent - and still undervisited - park for at least two or three nights. Along with the wildlife, this 646sq kin area features magnificent water­falls, limestone cliffs, a network of rivers and the beautiful Chio Larn Lake, centre piece of the park. There are two raft houses oil the lake where you can stay over­night, and when the sun goes down hear the animals really let loose with cries of the wild.

A visit to Khao Sok is very af­fordable if you do it yourself. There are buses from Phuket to the park entrance, and the park has a camping area and plenty of places to stay.
Phuket has everything you want, but nearby Phang Nga, Krabi and the Phi Phi islands mean vast opportunities for adventure travelers.

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